Ajaib’s Mission – To make investing accessible

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Founded in 2018, Ajaib quickly became one of Indonesia’s most influential financial technology companies. Ajaib is on a mission to make investing more accessible to everyone in Indonesia, with its intuitive user interface and extensive research tools.

The company recently became a unicorn, making it the country’s latest unicorn. This article will explore Ajaib’s mission, the journey that brought it to where it is now, and what it means to be a unicorn.

Ajaib’s mission

Ajaib is on a mission to make investing accessible for everyone. We’re focused on removing the friction from investing and giving people easy access to their financial goals. In addition, we strive to provide our customers with an enjoyable and inclusive experience, so that anyone no matter their background, can confidently invest in the markets.

Our products are designed to be simple, convenient and secure so that users can have a positive experience every time they log in. Whether helping a beginner get set up for the first time or providing sophisticated investors access to high-end tools, Ajaib makes investing seamless and uncomplicated. We’re laser-focused on protecting you while researching ways to bring more value in terms of better customer service, convenience and improved investments products.

We are committed to ensuring investors use their money wisely and make informed decisions regarding risk management. By giving the user access to portfolio analysis tools, personalized feedback from our experts and real-time market data, Ajaib puts the needs of its customers first. Our aim is for everyone who touches Ajaib should have a positive experience every time they leave us with a greater degree of knowledge and confidence in themselves as an investor.


Ajaib – the popular Indonesian online stock platform and investment app – has become the country’s latest unicorn. Founded in 2017, the company set a mission to make investing accessible and to bring the country closer to financial inclusion. As a result, Ajaib has become a key player in the Indonesian financial market with a growing user base of millennials and tech-savvy professionals.

Let’s take a look at the background of this ambitious startup.

Overview of Ajaib

Ajaib is a revolutionary digital wealth management company, aiming to make investing accessible for everyone. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional customer experience using thoughtful technology solutions and setting a new industry standard for services, transparency, convenience and cost effectiveness.

At Ajaib, our investment professionals combine the power of technology with the trust of reliable advisors to provide investors worldwide with an innovative and holistic way to manage their finances. Customers can open an account and access simple yet effective features designed for building a diversified portfolio, including low-cost ETFs, mutual funds, and stocks. In addition, with various options available such as auto-investments and monthly budgeting plans, customers can tailor their portfolios according to individual goals or risk appetites.

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For customers who seek access to global market opportunities while staying efficient on costs, Ajaib offers real-time stock trading support in various markets like Singapore Exchange (SGX), Indonesia Stock Exchange (idx) , United States Stock Exchanges (NYSE/NASDAQ) ,Hong Kong Exchanges (HKEx). In addition, investors can tap into global index or single stocks in multiple currencies through Ajaib while paying minimal fees through its fractional investing approach which eliminates commission charges from traditional brokers using one platform.

Finally at Ajaib, digital securities management services protect investors from market volatility supported by fundamental analysis and advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) for further assurance. Customers can monitor their portfolios anytime anywhere through our user-friendly mobile application with up-to-date information about current market conditions for more precise decision-making.

Indonesian stock platform Ajaib becomes country’s latest unicorn

Ajaib aims to make investing accessible, by democratizing the financial services sector with artificial intelligence, data-driven insights and intuitive technology.

It all started in 2013 when Danish and Hassaan set out to create an ecosystem of products so users can make smarter financial decisions. Through their dedication and support of the developers’ vision, Ajaib became Pakistan’s first online broker in 2015.

From then until now, they have continued to nurture and grow their trading platform to include multiple products such as mutual funds and stock purchases through innovative mobile technology. This has resulted in an unrivaled user experience for the users, making investing easy from anywhere at any time. In addition, they received international market recognition in early 2020 when Ajaib became a Unicorn Company – valued over a billion dollars.

Driven by the power of innovation, Ajaib’s journey is still far from over; they’re growing rapidly to expand their platform across more countries within the region and beyond with further product lines that focus on helping users give back to community by enabling them to donate money or invest into social causes headquartered near them or where ever around world they choose too.

Ajaib’s mission remains true: To enable everyone to access opportunities that make smart use of their money no matter who or where they are or what background they come from – so that each of us can get closer towards reaching our Ultimate Financial Goals!

Ajaib’s Impact

In recent years, we’ve seen a significant shift in how Indonesians invest their money. The Indonesian stock platform Ajaib, with their mission to make investing accessible, has now become the country’s latest unicorn. As Ajaib continues to make advancements in the investment sector, the ripple effects of their success can be seen from all angles.

Let’s take a look at some of the impacts of Ajaib’s success.

Ajaib’s impact on Indonesian stock market

Since its launch in 2018, Ajaib has undeniably impacted the Indonesian stock market. The online trading platform has enabled easy access to stock trading, allowing all investors to easily purchase and trade stocks.

Ajaib has enticed many new investors to the Indonesian stock market. People who were once not confident enough to invest in stocks are now more equipped with the knowledge provided by Ajaib, making them more willing and able to invest in the stock market. As a result, transactions processed through the platform increased by 474% in 2020 alone, elevating Ajaib’s standing as one of Indonesia’s leading investment platforms.

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Furthermore, Ajaib has stimulated liquidity and foreign capital inflow into the Indonesian stock market, significantly increasing investor confidence compared to previous years. This confidence surge created a positive cycle: higher demand due to an influx of unsophisticated investors pushed up share prices resulting in further capital inflows from different sectors such as banks and institutional firms that operated at a much larger scale than retail traders. Ultimately this increased investments leading to a surge of over 500% returns for their users since inception in 2018.

Ajaib’s digital presence has had a remarkable impact on Indonesia’s financial landscape and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. It stands as testament that digital transformation within finance can have huge implications on our lives today and future generations.

Ajaib’s contribution to financial literacy

Ajaib is passionate about increasing the access to, and expanding the base of individuals who have an understanding of personal finance. Realizing that many lack access to financial literacy programs and other resources, Ajaib has used its platform to educate users on financial topics and investing fundamentals.

To raise awareness on the importance of financial literacy, Ajaib has set aside dedicated resources for knowledge sharing activities in-app. The current coverage includes:

  • Money management basics.
  • Investment basics.
  • Understanding mutual funds & stock markets.
  • Taxation and income planning.

In addition, through its Learning Centre platform, online seminars & webinars and video lessons, Ajaib is successfully disseminating important information on how to build knowledge in key aspects of personal finance management.

Ajaib has also been actively partnering with Third Party organizations that share their mission to promote financial literacy among youngsters and individuals from lower socio-economic backgrounds. In correspondence with the company’s mission to bridge wealth gaps in society through education, Ajaib has partnered with many foundations such asMashal Funders Online at Tata Trusts by awarding over 2020 scholarships worth Rs 5 Lakhs each year leading up to 2025 to extend access to online learning opportunities in digital finance topics such as Mutual Fund investments and Tax Planning through qualified teachers hosted directly on their app/website platform.

Ultimately by empowering users with access to digital literacy courses & mentorships via its Learning Centre & Community segments respectively , coupled with low transactional fees fee structure – Ajabi is making a lasting contribution towards enabling a broader base of individuals to tap into opportunities available within India’s digital economy.

Future of Ajaib

Indonesia’s online stock platform, Ajaib, continues to make impressive strides in stock trading as it becomes the country’s latest unicorn. The company’s goal is to make investing accessible to everyone and they are achieving this by simplifying the process and offering a low-cost alternative.

This article will look into the future of Ajaib and what it means for the industry.

Ajaib’s plans for the future

In collaboration with our partners, Ajaib is committed to continue bringing products that offer convenience and reliability to our customers by offering them a suite of digital wealth management products. As part of this commitment, we plan to expand our services beyond the Malaysian market and nurture our partnerships with financial institutions, asset managers and fintech companies regionally and globally.

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We have also rolled out Ajaib Connect, an open-source platform that allows third-party fintech ecosystems to connect through Ajaib’s APIs for seamless integration. When connected through the platform, users can now access more investment options from strategic partners on the same app.

Building on the range of products already available on Ajaib like Cash Management account, Mutual Fund Platform as well as Stocks & ETFs Trading account; in 2021 we are introducing new investment options such as Fixed Deposit accounts with preferential rates and convenient features which allow users to make comparisons between banks before they invest their money; as well as introducing a Global Brokerage Account which will be developed together with foreign partners to allow users to access global investing opportunities outside of Malaysia.

In concluding remarks, we at Ajaib are dedicated towards helping you find the most suitable product for your needs. We hope that through our continued efforts in providing customers with innovative solutions and best practices in digital investing – more Malaysians will achieve financial freedom based on modern technology democratizing access for all backgrounds of life class – no matter how simple or sophisticated their investments may be – making investing accessible towards everyone out there!

Ajaib’s potential to revolutionize the Indonesian stock market

Ajaib is a digital asset platform with a mission to make investing accessible. As Indonesia’s first fully-compliant and state-licensed fintech, Ajaib is poised to revolutionize the stock market.

The platform already has over 2 million active users and supports cryptocurrencies, commodities, and securities trading. In addition, it offers competitive pricing, user-friendly interface and real-time market data. By providing customers with easy access to investments opportunities, Ajaib has opened up new opportunities for the average investor who may have previously been put off from Indonesian stock market investing due to paperwork complexities or fear of losses.

Using innovative technologies such as predictive analytics and machine learning, Ajaib can provide solid research into potential trades, increasing investor confidence in their investment decisions. The platform further offers portfolio management services including asset allocation advice and portfolio rebalancing guidelines so users can diversify their portfolio to minimize risk.

Ajaib’s scalable infrastructure also means that more users can join without worrying about latency issues arising from overloaded servers. In addition, the progressive system integration means that more digital assets are added making it even easier to find and invest in new opportunities over time. Coupled with its intuitive user experience, these features make Ajaib a highly attractive option for investors looking to grow their wealth in the markets of Indonesia.


Ajaib is a pioneer in democratizing access to investment opportunities. As shown, they have successfully built a mission-driven business and raised capital. With the introduction of their new strategic initiatives and the growing number of investors, Ajaib is on track to becoming a major player in the Indonesian stock platform landscape.

In conclusion, Ajaib’s mission to make investing accessible to everyday investors is certainly being achieved.

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