Sandbox VR’s new locations and what they offer

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Sandbox VR is an immersive virtual reality gaming experience that redefines the gaming world by combining physical and virtual universes with state-of-the-art technology. Founded in 2017, the company has successfully launched seven interactive gaming locations across the U.S., Asia and Europe, offering various immersive experiences that transport you to worlds beyond your imagination.

At any of their locations, guests can expect to find something new and exciting every time they enter the game. From magical kingdoms to dystopian futures, they offer edge-of-your seat experiences designed to keep you on your toes as you explore the many worlds within their portfolio of games. In addition, the games are designed for small groups so teams can join forces and work together to complete objectives while soaking in their exhilarating custom graphics and sound design.

Whether you’re looking for an escape from reality or a thrilling journey through an alternative universe, Sandbox VR will surely have something for everyone. So come check out one of their new locations now and prepare for some serious adventure!

Funding and Expansion

Sandbox VR, the most advanced social virtual reality experience, has recently announced closing a $37M Series B fundraiser led by Andreessen Horowitz. This is on top of the $11M Series A that Sandbox VR completed in October 2019.

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This new funding will allow the company to expand to new locations globally. But, first, look closer at the expansion and what Sandbox VR offers its users.

Overview of Series B funding

Sandbox VR recently completed its Series B funding, bringing its total funding to over $100 million. This round, led by property developer Great Eagle, includes some of the most prestigious investors in the world. Other investors included Andreessen Horowitz, Alibaba founder Jack Ma’s Yunfeng Capital, and Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin’s investment firm B Capital.

Sandbox VR’s funding will be used to rapidly expand its global footprint. The company has moved toward a larger market share in North America and Europe with new locations in Las Vegas, London and New York City. Sandbox VR believes that virtual reality is the future of entertainment and their new location will bring their immersive experience to even more customers worldwide.

The new funding will also be used to further enhance Sandbox VR’s game content, which already tops industry standards with four unique titles: “Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire”, “Curse of Davy Jones”, “Deadwood Mansion” and “Amber Sky 2088”. With this increased investment they have hinted at adding even more complex storylines with lifelike graphics, more interactive elements and open-ended gaming experiences. This means that players are guaranteed never-before-seen levels of immersion when playing games developed exclusively for Sandbox VR locations worldwide.

Expansion to new global locations

Today’s globalization of many businesses has opened up several possibilities for organizations to expand their operations into new markets and take advantage of economies of scale internationally. However, to ensure a successful venture, several critical factors must be considered when expanding operations globally.

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Sandbox VR expands to new locations globally with $37M Series B led by Andreessen Horowitz

Sandbox VR has recently announced that it has raised $37M in a Series B funding round led by Andreessen Horowitz. This latest round of investments will open up new locations in countries worldwide.

With these funds, Sandbox VR is set to provide the VR experience to more locations, countries, and audiences. Let’s take a closer look at the locations and what they offer.

New York

Sandbox VR is thrilled to announce two new locations in New York City, one at the heart of Midtown Manhattan and another in the Lower East Side.

The Midtown Manhattan location is between Times Square and Central Park in the iconic shopping district of Herald Square, offering easy access to all major train routes and luxury accommodations. The 6,000 square feet space has been designed from the ground up to provide a visually stunning experience. It boasts a state-of-the-art sound system alongside cutting-edge virtual reality technology for an immersive adventure with friends.

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Here, visitors can access ten different virtual reality experiences, including favorites like Deadwood Mansion and Zombie Busters.

The Lower East Side location offers a 7,000 square feet space in an historical building with excellent architectural features that speak of the area’s past. Featuring eight distinct experiences including season-specific titles such as Slay Bells On Ice, this location has something for everyone — whether it’s zooming across multiple galaxies or thwarting terrorists’ plots!

Both locations offer private rooms; they are available for booking seven days a week with packages tailored towards businesses seeking out team building activities and parties looking for unique entertainment options. With attractions suitable for all ages and skill levels — visitors can look forward to hours of virtual reality fun!

Los Angeles

Visiting Los Angeles and ready to take your virtual reality experience to the next level? Sandbox VR in LA is a great place to start! This high-tech VR arcade offers a variety of incredibly interactive and immersive games that will surely blow your mind.

From the zombie-tale survival game Deadwood Mansion, to the crime thriller game SIMULACRA, explore different realities without leaving the comfort of Los Angeles. Sandbox VR also offers multi-player games where six people can join in on a fun challenge or adventure.

Whether you’re looking for a solo or group adventure, Sandbox VR offers a unique experience for all ages!

San Francisco

Sandbox VR is pleased to announce the expansion of its innovative virtual reality experience in San Francisco! Located in the heart of downtown, the new Sandbox VR location will offer advanced gaming experiences for visitors and locals alike.

The San Francisco location offers visitors a great selection of exciting virtual reality gameplays including “ABSOLUTE ZERO”, a thrilling sci-fi adventure through time and space, and “DEADWOOD MAZE” where you can challenge your friends to survive an epic, VR dungeon adventure. Additionally, Sandbox VR is proud to present “FANTASY QUEST” – an interactive and immersive fantasy experience with real-life effects that take you beyond reality.

At Sandbox VR San Francisco guests can enjoy our beaming technology – a haptic capabilities that provide physical feedback while playing the games – and various accommodations such as catering options, group packages and competitive gaming tournaments. Our experienced crew at SandboxVR San Francisco looks forward to welcoming you in our space!


In the bustling West End of London lies the newest Sandbox VR experience. The classic video game maze has been replaced with a custom-designed set to mimic the physical world, giving players a dazzlingly authentic experience. Our team spent over two years honing and perfecting every small element of our choreographed action scenes, creating a frantic first-person shooter experience like none other. Crafted with connoisseurs in mind, this riveting adventure pits teams of up to six against a troupe of zombies in a fight for survival. With every move tracked and adapted by A.I., the result is a never-ending challenge that will leave your team gleefully drained yet ecstatic for more!

Each game naturally progresses from start-to-finish, offering bespoke stories from secret hideouts and sinister military missions throughout the facility’s four sections: Train Station; Zenith Lane; Mutation Lab; and Robo Hangar. Your team will have to use logic and quick wits to battle through ever more difficult levels—ascending stairways, ducking under lasers, crossing perilous bridges—all while dueling hoards of undead adversaries!

Get your friends together or brave it alone! Come join us in London on this utterly unique pursuit through an alternative cyber universe full of thrills and surprises at every turn. Book now at


Sandbox Toronto is the flagship location of Sandbox VR is conveniently situated at the heart of downtown near Yonge-Dundas Square. Our state-of-the-art VR facility boasts two custom designed fantasy stages – Laser Federation and Secret Agent – with space for up to eight players. Our immersive virtual reality experiences transport players into hyper realistic worlds where they must work together to complete incredible missions. Experience a completely new type of fun like no other with SandboxVR Toronto!

Toronto’s Laser Federation and Secret Agent experiences are one hour long including post mission briefing, pre mission setup, and up to 10 minutes of bonus time on request. A group of 2 or more can split into teams to enter their areas within the same stages for maximum adventure time! Every half hour session requires 4+ players (minimum 2 per team).

While we advise booking out an entire stage with 6-8 players for optimum fun, you can still enjoy your experience with just two people. So whether you’re friends out for a one-of-a-kind fun night or families looking forward to make unforgettable memories together, our award winning virtual reality technology makes it all possible in over 20 cities worldwide!

What Sandbox VR Offers

Sandbox VR is an immersive virtual reality startup that announced a new Series B funding round of $37M. Andreessen Horowitz led this venture round. This new funding will help the company expand its locations to cities across the globe.

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The Sandbox VR experience offers something unique that no virtual or immersive experience does. Let’s take a look at what this experience has to offer.

Virtual reality gaming experiences

Using advanced technology, Sandbox VR offers immersive virtual reality gaming experiences with a social twist. Located in select cities worldwide, such as Los Angeles, London and Hong Kong, players enter a completely new realm as soon as they enter their local studio.

Each session allows up to six people to join the game simultaneously and play an interactive adventure in a stunningly realistic custom-built world. Every Sandbox VR room features the latest cutting-edge hardware including haptic gear, producing an astonishing impression of physical presence in the virtual world. Simultaneously energetic and tranquilizing, hermetically sealed headset enthrone players transport them into an unknown universe of possibilities – from being part of Renaissance Italy to slaying AI monsters in a post-apocalyptic future.

Sandbox VR’s experiences are designed for all gamers – from casual puzzlers to hardcore combatants – with games that offer multiple difficulty levels and tasks. The experiences range from multiplayer galaxial battlefields and mechanical survival games to tackling ancient creatures straight out of Lovecraft’s tales—all tailored specifically for the audience’s comfort level! As a result, Sandbox ensures everyone gets the most out of their experience regardless of age or skill level.

In addition, Sandbox VR also caters for small businesses seeking team-building activities or employee training opportunities- creating uniquely tailored games that allow teams to bond through relaxing yet stimulating recreational gaming sessions!

Immersive and interactive games

Sandbox VR offers a revolutionary approach to entertainment that is unlike anything else. Rather than traditional video gaming, limited to sitting on the couch and watching a screen, Sandbox VR provides fully immersive and interactive virtual reality experiences. Through the technology of HTC Vive Pro headsets and special suits that can track hand movement and location, players can soar through the sky or explore an underwater world without leaving their living rooms.

In addition to these jaw-dropping experiences, Sandbox is set apart from other virtual reality arcades. Its live action role-playing games bring teams together to solve puzzles, explore mysterious realms and defeat sinister forces of evil. Players don innovative backpacks containing haptic vests and props such as guns and swords, allowing them to truly feel every move they make in game time. Whether they are fighting dragons, finding their way out of caves or racing against AI-driven enemies, these exhilarating quests liven up even the most mundane of days.

Sandbox VR offers a unique experience for gamers of all ages who want something more than just passively playing with a controller – it offers an unforgettable chance for adventurers to step into a world full of possibilities with their friends by their side. With new locations popping up worldwide from Los Angeles, USA to Hong Kong in China and Singapore, it’s never been easier for gamers from near or far to pop in for some epic fun!

Unique experiences for all ages

Sandbox VR is an award-winning Virtual Reality experience created by Bandai Namco, in partnership with location-based entertainment leader The VOID. A fully immersive experience allows you to enter new worlds where characters and creatures come alive. But what sets this experience apart from other Virtual Reality systems? First, let’s look at some of the unique features and experiences Sandbox VR offers.

Sandbox VR offers a variety of experiences for everyone, from kids to adults, from rookies to experienced gamers. With a mix of single-player and multiplayer games, there’s something for everyone at Sandbox VR.

From AI opponents to friends or family members, the World of Sandbox includes an array of interactive characters you can battle against or complete cooperative challenges with. There are also solo adventures available in single-player campaigns where you can challenge yourself on more than 20 levels and 10 hours of immersive game play!

You will also find many exciting themes in each Sandbox location such as post-apocalyptic future battles, Medieval castles or sci-fi themed arenas all powered by motion capture and real world physics playing out on a one-to-one scale – making it feel even more real! This kind of realistic gaming brings excitement into your living room as people battle zombies or explore unknown landscapes only dreamed about before!

Each Sandbox VR location offers employees specially trained on how to safely install the kits, daily safety checks, and periodic maintenance scheduled around peak times so that players can get the most out of their experience without any worries about safety or technical issues. In addition, the system runs the latest software version, allowing gamers new and old to enjoy an up-to-date gaming experience with no extra cost for downloadable content – all seamlessly integrated directly into existing game worlds. With these features plus special events running throughout each season – there’s sure to be something for everyone at every moment inside our dynamic virtual reality worlds!


Sandbox VR has expanded to new exciting locations worldwide, offering players a unique and immersive virtual reality experience unlike anything else. So whether you’re looking for an interactive adventure or a more serious virtual reality experience, Sandbox VR will surely have something for everyone. And with the addition of two new locations in Asia and one in Australia, it’s clear that Sandbox VR has become a global phenomenon.

Whether you’re looking for an intense gaming session, a casual adventure with friends, or an unique team-building activity for corporate gatherings and events, Sandbox VR will surely provide an unforgettable experience no matter where you are. With so many locations worldwide, there’s an accessible location near you where you can get your hands on the latest technology in virtual reality gaming and escape into another world.

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