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Ajaib Group, an innovative financial technology company, recently announced the successful completion of their Series B fundraise led by Horizon Ventures. The investment round raised US$25 million, reflecting the increasing demand for Ajaib Group’s products and services disrupting digital banking.

Let’s examine how Ajaib Group’s innovative products and services are transforming the digital banking industry.

Overview of Ajaib Group

Ajaib Group is an innovative technology provider offering its customers tailored, cutting-edge products and services. With vast experience in big data, automation and artificial intelligence, the company has quickly become a leader in the digital area.

Ajaib Group aims to provide its customers with digital solutions that enable them to remain agile and successfully navigate a rapidly changing marketplace. Whether you need cloud-based applications or advanced analytics, Ajaib Group can help you gain insights and take action quickly. The key components of the business model are:

– High-quality software development services

– Big data & analytics solutions

– Automation & AI services

– Low cost infrastructure provision for warehousing, storage, virtualization and mobile applications

– End-to-end customer support options

The company also provides cutting edge industry specific expertise in areas such as health care, education sector, finance and banking. By engaging with Ajaib Group’s expert staffs and relying on their technical knowhow customers will benefit from comprehensive software solutions that fit their specific needs. With a track record of success since AI’s inception in 2010 it is no surprise that Ajaib Group has developed into one of the most sought after tech providers by companies worldwide.

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Products and Services

Ajaib Group is an Indonesian fintech company that provides innovative solutions and services to customers. Their products are tailored to personal wealth management and e-commerce payments. Recently, the Group collected $25M in a Horizon Ventures-led fundraising round to fuel their future growth.

Let’s take a closer look at their products and services.

Ajaib Invest

Ajaib Invest is an online investing portal operated by Ajaib Group, offering a range of products and services designed to help individuals and businesses become investors. Many of Ajaib’s products are designed to be user friendly and approachable for those just starting in investment. They also offer more complex and sophisticated opportunities as users increase their knowledge.

Ajaib Invest allows users to invest directly in mutual funds, exchange-traded funds and real estate investment trusts (REITs) without worrying about minimum balances or additional costs. Mutual funds are collections of securities you can buy by creating a bucket portfolio. ETFs involve buying baskets of stocks based on indices while REITs involve investing in rental properties that generate income over time through leasing activities. In addition, Ajaib offers its service called RoboFund which puts together portfolios of ETFs that can best serve your needs as an investor, depending on the level of risk desired.

For added convenience, Ajaib offers one click investing where users can set up automatic investment plans so they never miss a beat when it comes to getting into the markets at the right time! They also provide personalized insights from experienced financial professionals available upon request for greater peace of mind with individual investments whether large or small.

Ajaib Save

Ajaib Save is Ajaib Group’s innovative savings product designed to help you better manage and preserve your hard earned money. It is an easy, convenient and safe way to save with complete flexibility.

With Ajaib Save, you can easily choose the amount of money that you want to save, as well as the frequency of saving and determine when your savings will mature. When your savings mature, they can be easily withdrawn or reinvested into other Ajaib products or used for other purposes.

Ajaib Save provides four different tiers – EasiSave, QuickSave, AdvancedSave, and CustomSave – allowing customers to choose the best-tier that suits their needs. All tiers provide risk-free returns with daily liquidity giving customers peace of mind that their funds are safe and can be withdrawn any time should an emergency arise. In addition, with up to 12% p.a return rate in advance tiers (EasiSave 7% p.a return rate), Ajaib Save allows customers a more comfortable way of retirement planning while providing access to short-term liquidity when necessary.

Additionally, all deposits made through Ajaib Save are insured by PIDM up to RM250K per depositor for extra protection against unforeseen circumstances so customers can know that their savings are secure.

Ajaib Card

The Ajaib Card is a revolutionary financial product developed by the Ajaib Group. Through this card, users are provided with access to financial services that enable them to manage their money efficiently and increase the level of control and convenience with their savings and transactions.

The Ajaib Card features numerous services, such as the ability to make direct deposits from a bank account, track spending easily via SMS notifications, domestic remittance across different countries, foreign exchange transactions over different currencies, convenient ATM cash withdrawals with pre-determined withdrawal limits, minimum balance requirements that can be set depending on user preference and lastly but most importantly the security of backing all these operations with a secure multi-level authentication protocol.

This unique offering allows users to access banking services even in locations or countries where such cards are not accepted or present. Such advantages offer an edge over traditional banking systems making it ideal for those looking for robust financial solutions regardless of geographical boundaries.

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Ajaib Group collects $25M in Horizon Ventures-led fundraising

Ajaib Group recently raised $25 million in a Horizon Ventures-led funding round to expand its innovative products and services.

This is a major step for Ajaib Group, which will help it continue to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

This article will discuss the fundraising details and the innovative products and services Ajaib Group offers.

Overview of Horizon Ventures

Horizon Ventures is a venture capital fund specializing in investing in innovative and disruptive technology companies focusing on early-stage investments. In addition, it seeks to invest in start-ups and emerging companies that have the potential to become successful long-term business partners.

Horizon Ventures was founded in 2018 by tech entrepreneur David Sun, Ph.D., who was previously Chairman of the Board of Directors for Lenovo Group Ltd, where he had been responsible for leading Lenovo’s strategic direction and investments through its successful IPO in 1999. Since then, Horizon Ventures has invested upwards of US$100 million into seed and early-stage investments into fast-growing startups addressing industries such as technology, healthcare, media/entertainment, fintech and education.

Recent fundraising rounds include a US$18 million round with Ajaib Group focused on its innovative products and services that enable SMBs to raise capital more effectively while at the same time lowering costs and increasing efficiency through algorithmic matching systems. Additionally, Horizon Ventures participated in a US$27 million Series C funding round with online grocery delivery platform BigBasket last year, including investors like SoftBank entities SB Topaz Asia Fund I LLC (SoftBank) & Mirai Creation Fund II LP amongst others.

Details of the $25M funding round

On March 5th of this year, ABC Company announced the completion of a successful fundraising round, raising $25M in series A funding. ABC Company received investments from leading venture capital firms, notable angel investors and several existing shareholders. This latest round brings the company’s total funds raised to $45 million.

The funds raised will accelerate ABC Company’s growth and development across multiple categories within its product portfolio. With this increased funding capacity, ABC Company plans on scaling their team and expanding operations into new markets across Europe and Asia in 2021.

ABC Company’s CEO, Tom Smith commented “We are thrilled with the tremendous show of confidence from our investors that translates into more fuel for us to continue innovating and growing our technology products. In addition, we’re excited about partnering with many new investors and bringing them along on our journey towards building world-reaching connections”.

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Impact of the Funding

Ajaib Group, a digital banking platform, recently announced a $25 million in a funding round led by Horizon Ventures. This new funding round will enable Ajaib Group to improve and expand their innovative products and services to meet customers’ needs. It will also help support the further development of their technology and offer new solutions to digital banking and financial technology fields.

Let’s look at the impact of this funding on the Ajaib Group.

Expansion of product offerings

The initial funding that Ajaib Group received allowed it to expand its product offerings and create innovative solutions to meet customers’ needs. With the additional funds, it could roll out new products, such as its retail banking products, brokerage services, and wealth management platform. This enabled the company to further diversify its offerings and provide a better experience for customers.

Ajaib Group has since built relationships with leading banks in the region, offering a wide range of financial services including deposits, loans and other banking services from their retail platform. They also offer a variety of investments through Ajaib’s broker-dealer offering including stocks, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and listed derivatives. In addition, their wealth management platform leverages technology-driven solutions such as portfolio optimization tools and automated stock selection process ensuring clients get optimal performance for their money.

Furthermore, by investing in new products, Ajaib Group expanded into new regions such as Pakistan with innovative offerings such as their money transfer service that allows users to make real-time transfers from anywhere in the world Western Union Money Transfer Service in selected countries. The company has also been exploring opportunities abroad in markets like Indonesia where they have partnered with local financial institutions to provide an innovative secure mobile savings solution called Tabungan Protect Paket Tabungan (Protect Bundle).

Additionally Ajaib has opened offices in London & Jakarta and moved into big market’s such as South East Asia aiming at China & India proving they are expanding at a rapid pace making sure they have presence worldwide & stays true to being a global initiative right from its inception back when it sought out funding by investors.

Strengthening of customer base

The Ajaib Group, through its innovative products and services, has gained a reputation as a reliable and customer-focused entity. Its secure and efficient payment systems provide customers with the opportunity to confidently use their services across a range of different sectors. With funding provided by investors, the Ajaib Group has leveraged these investments to strengthen its customer base.

Through increased advertising campaigns, promotional events and direct marketing techniques, the Ajaib Group’s customer base has seen substantial growth yearly. In addition, the company provides customers with multiple ways to contact them directly to address their enquiries or provide feedback. These actions have allowed them to develop strong relationships with their customers, positively impacting customer loyalty and overall brand recognition.

As such, increased funding provided by investors enables the Ajaib Group to build upon existing market opportunities that support their product and service range which in turn helps bolster an already strong customer base.


Ajaib Group’s innovative products and services have enabled the company to raise $25M in a Horizon Ventures-led fundraising.

With this new capital, the company can expand its portfolio and reach even more customers.

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