Why this is a good time to invest in out-of-home VR

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With the recent announcement of Sandbox VR’s $37M Series B funding, now more than ever is a great time to invest in out-of-home virtual reality (VR) entertainment.

With this new influx of funds, Sandbox VR is looking to expand their reach and bring their out-of-home VR experience to more locations worldwide.

Let’s explore more reasons why out-of-home VR is a great investment opportunity.

Overview of out-of-home VR

Out-of-home virtual reality (VR) is an emerging technology that allows users to experience immersive 3D environments that simulate the physical world. By combining innovative hardware and software, out-of-home VR creates a visceral, realistic experience that rivals conventional forms of entertainment. As a result, out-of–home VR experiences present a unique opportunity for companies to engage and interact with their target consumers in ways that would be difficult or impossible with traditional methods.

The out–of–home VR market is growing rapidly and its projections are very promising. A recent study conducted by MarketsandMarkets showed that the global enterprise virtual reality market size was estimated at $3.6 billion in 2018, and looked set to grow exponentially—reaching $17.8 billion by 2023—at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 37%. The increased availability of hardware access, improved network infrastructure, and the spread of 5G communications will make this growth even more dramatic.

As out-of–home VR offers countless new possibilities for creating engaging experiences for businesses and customers, this is an ideal time for investors to get in on the action. With growing market demand across various verticals, such as retail shopping centers, gaming arcades, corporate training facilities and theme parks—the future of out–of–home VR looks very favorable indeed!

Benefits of Out-of-Home VR

With the recent news that sandbox VR has announced a $37 million Series B funding to expand their out-of-home VR locations, now is a great time to invest in them.

Out-of-home VR offers a variety of benefits for both businesses and customers, including immersive experiences, convenience, and cost-effectiveness.

Let’s dive deeper into the benefits of out-of-home VR.

Immersive experience

Out-of-home VR combines powerful technology and astonishing visuals to transport you to another world. Immersive experiences often involve:

  • Enveloping visual and audio fields.
  • Haptic (touch) feedback.
  • Compensating for the lack of physical objects in virtual environments.

By wearing a head-mounted display like an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, users can interact with a 3D environment instead of being limited to a 2D monitor.

Out-of-home VR allows for an intense level of immersion that simply can’t be replicated on a regular computer. When using out-of-home VR, users are fully immersed in simulated environments and activities rather than simply viewing them on a computer screen. Out-of-home VR offers enhanced graphics at higher framerates than traditional gaming systems and PCs, ensuring the best virtual reality experience possible. Additionally, due to its wireless architecture, out-of-home VR allows you to move freely in your environment without wires or restraints. It allows you to explore whatever you want within the virtual world without limitations.

sandbox vr vr series seriesparktechcrunch

Out-of–’ome VR offers users heightened levels of engagement by providing more realistic physical models compared to traditional gaming systems and PCs with complexity levels that account for rhythmic speed increase over time due to their real time dynamic renderers when compared to other gaming platforms such as consoles or PCs. Out–’ome virtual reality also benefits from increased tracking accuracy due to its power markers that register even subtle movement changes, providing an incredibly immersive experience for its users.

Lastly this type of technology allows for unlimited feedback on muscle movements thus helping increase physical coordination in individuals who use it regularly such as athletes and surgeons.

Low barrier of entry

The popularity of virtual reality has grown significantly in recent years as improvements to mobile technology, adoption rate, cost, and content availability have allowed more users to try out the immersive content. However, despite these advances, the current acquisition cost necessary for most home-based VR systems remains too great for mainstream user adoption.

This has led to the growth of out-of-home virtual reality experiences, ranging from free mall experiences to paid experiences at specialized locations. Out-of-home VR provides a low barrier of entry due to factors such as:

  • Reduced cost: Since out-of-home venues offer much lower equipment costs than home systems, it encourages users who are not ready (or unable) to make large hardware purchases.
  • Wide breadth of immersive experiences: Out-of-home VR offers much wider breadth and greater depth in terms of content than what is available on home systems. This encourages more users with disparate interests to enjoy multiple varied experiences without purchasing costly hardware or installing lengthy software on their personal system.
  • Socializing aspect: Out-of-home locations provide an environment where people can convene and experience entertainment together, highlighting a socializing aspect that is impossible with at-home setups.

Low cost of ownership

One of the main advantages to using out-of-home virtual reality experiences is the low cost of ownership. Compared to the high ongoing costs associated with owning and maintaining a traditional game console, VR headsets are significantly less expensive. This makes them an attractive option for those seeking an engaging entertainment experience without additional financial burdens.

Additionally, depending on location, out-of-home virtual reality experiences can offer discounts for bookings, loyalty programs or group discounts – making it even easier for individuals to become involved in immersive virtual worlds without breaking their budget.

Furthermore, since these experiences require no software or hardware installation, there is no need to worry about technical support or complex set-up processes that can significantly add to your total investment. Finally, depending on where you go, out-of-home VR venues often include features such as livestreaming your gaming session – adding an exciting new dimension and eliminating any upfront costs associated with virtual entertainment.

Sandbox VR Announces $37M Series B Funding to Expand Out-of-home VR Locations

In a recent announcement, Sandbox VR announced their Series B Funding of $37M to expand their out-of-home virtual reality locations. This new investment shows that now is a great time to invest in out-of-home virtual reality.

This section will examine why this is a good time to invest in out-of-home virtual reality.

Sandbox VR Announces $37M Series B Funding

On July 18th 2019, Sandbox VR announced a Series B funding round of $37M, with one major investor putting in an additional $11M as venture capital. The news was widely welcomed as a sign that the public’s interest in Out-of-Home Virtual Reality (VR) entertainment — and its potential for major returns — is growing.

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The success of this investment round shows that VR has captured the imaginations of both potential investors and consumers alike. Companies such as Sandbox VR offer facilities that allow groups or individuals to play games in immersive virtual environments, where users experience different worlds within custom-made rooms or arenas.

The investment shows that companies in the Out-of-Home VR sector are confident they can turn remarkable investments into great returns, transforming fantasies into reality and bringing substantial sums back to their investors. With this injection of new funds, it promises to be an exciting time for innovative multiplayer VR experiences provided by these leading companies.

Expansion of out-of-home VR locations

The rapid growth of out-of-home VR locations worldwide has opened up many new opportunities to invest and gain returns. As virtual reality becomes more accessible, more consumers can access these immersive experiences in various locations. This proliferation has created exciting new opportunities to grow returns on investments in out-of-home VR.

As the technology matures, developers can create more complex virtual environments. These environments could be used for business training, medical simulations, and gaming within a physical environment. This could lead to revenue growth earned from those sectors and incentivize businesses to invest in out-of-home VR locations. Furthermore, this increased investment would create jobs stimulating economic activity around out-of-home VR ventures.

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Moreover, cultural activities such as musical performances and theatrical productions could be enjoyed through virtual reality thanks to advances in audio technology such as ambisonic sound systems and direct audio renderings or DAWs that can provide stunningly realistic immersive experiences with limited hardware costs associated with high fidelity sound engineering. As these games become increasingly popular, more people will likely choose out-of-home VR experiences over traditional theater outings or video game nights due to their engaging nature and immersive qualities. Bringing these typically sedentary activities into physical venues can also increase social engagement by removing some of the barriers between people that come along with gaming or enjoying entertainment at home alone.

By investing in out-of-home VR technologies now, businesses can gain a foothold in what is sure to be an integral part of the entertainment landscape while taking advantage of lucrative return opportunities thanks to the growing interest in this technology from consumers and businesses alike.


Sandbox VR’s Series B funding announcement shows that out-of-home VR is a viable and growing market. With cutting-edge technology, exciting new experiences and vast growth potential, investing in out-of-home VR is a smart decision.

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